Are you one of the many Australians who are underinsured?

By: Peter O’Callaghan Research shows that many Australians are underinsured prompting insurance companies to advertise simple insurance solutions on television. Are these quick and easy plans suitable for your family? A study* commissioned by the Investment and Financial Services Association … Continued

Energy Saving

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Energy Costs

When developing a budget, it’s easy to think that you have no control over costs for essential items such as electricity, particularly when every bill seems to be higher than the last. But if you look closely at your energy … Continued

Stash of Cash

How to Make Your Money Work Harder for You

So you’ve been able to get a tax refund this year or by being thrifty you have accumulated some extra cash in your everyday account, and you’re tempted to splurge on new shoes or celebrate with a lavish dinner. We’re going to be … Continued

Financial Plan

Why Having a Financial Plan Will Make You Better Off

If your footie team didn’t have one, they’d never make the Grand Finals. You wouldn’t go on holiday without having one and you’d never have friends over for dinner without one. What are we talking about? A plan, of course! Yet … Continued

Economic Update

Though the media appears to have moved on to more newsworthy events and issues, concerns around the future direction of global markets continue to bubble along, particularly in relation to US interest rates and the risk of a Chinese slowdown. … Continued

successful investing

Top 9 Golden Rules for Successful Investing

What are the top tips for successful investing? We’ve compiled the top 9 rules to follow when considering any investment strategy. We can’t guarantee you’ll be the next Warren Buffett but, if you follow these tips, you won’t go wrong. … Continued

Sobering statistics

Sobering Stats

We found some sobering statistics on health and well-being that we thought we would share. They certainly make you think about where your priorities should be. Of course, you should always do what you can to minimise your chances of … Continued

don't panic button

Don’t believe the hype

Overview The last few weeks – and especially the last few days – have seen an extraordinary level of instability and volatility in global financial markets, particularly in equities and some emerging market (EM) currencies. Much of what has taken … Continued

Insuring your life, naturally

A healthy lifestyle is a smart investment in the future, not only for you but also for your family.  What does science say an individual can do to improve their chances of longevity? Insurance companies rely on ‘big data’ to … Continued