Business Succession


If you have a business, then you will need a succession plan. It can be anything, simple to complex, short, or long term, internal or external strategy. Each plan is unique to your own situation, and will be critical to the success when you step away from the business, or retire.

When correct, succession planning can be more about growing than going. A great succession plan with a structure and timelines can and should be the long-term growth strategy for your business. Other important elements to a succession plan can include things such as:

  • To put adequate insurance plans — such as death and disability in place
  • Transitioning a business can involve many small steps
  • Being able to work less, earn more, and grow the business
  • Ability to stay involved in the business as long as you want
  • Optimise and realise the best value for your business

Instead of just focusing on the structure of transition, we take a holistic approach by helping you create a plan for your life after exiting the business. Our advisers also help assess how business succession planning can help you protect what is important. They can work with your legal adviser, and accountant, where appropriate, to ensure your plan meets your needs and objectives.

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